Joe Brooks, Joseph Vincent and Mike Mains & the Branches @ the Roxy in Hollywood (11/11/12)

So today I went to this concert with Gene (@kazuuto) and Raphael (@omgeeitsargee). Concert was scheduled to start at 7:30, but my mom dropped us off around 6-ish. We killed about 15 mins. walking around the area by the Roxy since it’s literally across the street from the Shamrock Tattoo Parlor that the boys all get their tattoos from and just one block away from the hotel they stayed in. I took a photo with the huge ass billboard of the boys that was a block down too. (LOL, I’ll post those photos later). 

Anyway, we decided to wait in line pretty early which was a good thing for us because we were some of the first couple of people in line. It was HELLA cold and freezing and we were standing outside the venue the entire time. We tried to keep each other warm. I’m glad I went with Raphael and Gene because it was boring with them. LOL. 

When we finally got inside, we were able to stand at the VERY front. We were sitting and leaning on the stage actually. AHAHA. It was a pretty long wait and the first act didn’t start until like 8:10. LOL. So the first act was Mike Mains & the Branches. We didn’t know who they were, but after seeing them perform - wow, I’m a fan now. They’re so fucking good live and the energy they brought was amaze-balls. Really good band.

After they performed, we had to wait another like 15 mins. for Joseph Vincent to set up the stage. When he came on, OMFG, he was so beautiful and he sounds so beautiful and wow - he’s just beautiful. Ahaha. And he was so damn hilarious. Like I couldn’t stop laughing when he would talk in between his songs. Ugh. So perfect. Ahaha. The songs that he performed were awesome - especially the medley. I’ll upload the videos of the performances soon.

After Joseph Vincent, we waited another 15 mins. for Joe Brooks to set up the stage. While waiting, Mike Mains & the Branches came down and were meeting and taking photos with fans by the merch stand. So we went over and met them and got our picture with them.

Then when we were heading back to the front, I looked to my right and realized that Stalker Sarah was right next to us. JKFLA;SD So I went up to her, and asked her, “Are you Stalker Sarah?” and she was like “UH, yeah..” Ahaha. She was sweet and I was like “You are a legend.” And she was like “Ahaha, thank you!” So yeah, she was right next to us when Joe started to perform.

LIKE WOW, OH MY GOD. You guys have NO IDEA how long I’ve waited to see him live. Last May when he had a show at the Roxy, I REALLY wanted to go see him but I couldn’t because of AP Exams. D; And then there was another time he performed at the Roxy, I believe but I couldn’t see him then either. So today meant SO MUCH to me. I’ve been such a fan of his since those MySpace days back in like ‘05/’06. I’ve loved watching his career grow over the past couple of years :’) 

SO yeah, he was PERFECTION. He was flawless vocally and he is SOOOO good-looking in person. I loved how we were at the very front because he was literally like 5 - 7 feet away. His keyboardist was literally an arm away from me and Joe would often come over to the keyboardist and would be like an arm away from me too. Since I was like RIGHT THERE, I was able to see the setlist that they had on the floor beside them and I was looking at the keyboard player’s setlist paper… they skipped like 3 or 4 songs like I Find the Light In You and Marching Band (SOME OF MY FAVORITES TOO D;) because of the time limit I believe. Oh well.

Joe’s accent is.. wowowow. *swoooon* And he performed A LOT of new songs and said that he’s going to drop a new album early next year with those songs on them. :’) YAY! And when he would laugh. fjasdl;kfj And his hair was like perfect. fjaskdl; And he was sweating and jumping around stage and strumming his guitar and laughing and smiling and closing his eyes when he’d sing and jaflks;dj I just couldn’t.

Before the concert, I was telling Gene and Raphael that my ultimate goal for tonight was to at least make eye contact with Joe tonight. And, to my surprise, I accomplished that goal - TWICE. During the cover medley that he was doing, he was strumming his guitar and nodding his head to the beat of the drums.. then he looked DIRECTLY AT ME to the side and like JFKA;SD HE WAS LIKE STARING INTO MY SOUL. And he was looking at me and nodding his head while playing his guitar and so I returned the look while nodding my head to the beat of the drum and then I smiled and then he started to smile. fjaksdl I DIE. GOD. Then the second to last song, (a new song called Toronto), he made a little glimpse in our direction again and looked right at me and we had another moment of eye contact although it was as long as the first time. JFKLA;SDJ WOWOWOWOW. Tonight was amazing.

We had to leave a little half way through the last song he performed - obviously, Superman, because my mom had been waiting outside the venue for half and hour already. LOL. But yeah. Nonetheless we were singing along to the song as we walked out of the venue. OH, but before we left, we saw Joseph Vincent in the crowd at the very back singing along to Joe and we went up to him and asked for photos. :D When we were talking our photo together, I felt him rub his hand down my back and wowowow, omfg, he’s so hot. Ahaha

Yup. That was tonight. What a great great fantastic and awesome night. :’) 

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